Gun Control

1. Do you support Gun Rights?

2. Do you believe the true motive for gun control is to disarm The American People?


1. Do you believe The IRS purposely targets people or groups that oppose intrusive government policies?

2. The proposed Federal Budget calls for even more income tax increases…
Do you consider investment opportunities that offset (reduce) your Federal Income Tax?

3. Would you like an Exclusive FREE report detailing a strategy used by the top 1% to avoid paying Federal Income Tax?
(Completely Legal)


1. Is it important for Americans to know about the Privacy Infringements detailed by Edward Snowden?

2. Would you support legislation that would prevent monitoring of the telephone and email conversations of American Citizens without a warrant or probable cause?

Consumer Confidence

The best way to gauge consumer confidence and the potential for an Economic Recovery is the level of participation in The Stock Market.

1. Do you think the recent upswing in The Market is evidence of real economic recovery or Fool’s Gold headed for a crash?

2. For almost 2 years this question has helped reveal true Wall Street confidence because people put their money in things they believe in... Our Poll shows that the average Accredited Investor is holding $100,000 or more out of The Stock Market due to a lack of confidence. Would you say the same is true for you?

3. What has performed well for you since The Recession began in 2008?

Strength of the US Dollar

Confidence in Federal Reserve Notes (Dollars) vs Precious Metals is a strong indicator of Consumer Confidence and Perception versus Reality. For example: The Stock Market is experiencing a record breaking run. Therefore, one could draw the conclusion that the Economy is recovering, or someone may conclude that the Stock Market is being artificially stimulated by The Fed printing money to purchase mortgage backed bonds.

1. I have more confidence in Gold and Silver than Federal Reserve Notes.

2. I consider Gold and Silver to be a safe hedge against inflation.


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Why is Demographic Information important?

We need both demographics and answers in order to accurately recognize trends. Major factors are Occupation, Age, and Socioeconomic Status (Income). Please do not skip these questions. They are vital to reaching accurate conclusions. We appreciate your help!

Important Note: We cannot enter you to win a free 10 oz. bar of Silver Bullion without accurate contact information.

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